Monday, March 24, 2014

Focussed Distraction

The past few days, I've felt like I need a focussed distraction again. I'm trying to get several projects put together, and I'm having trouble managing my time in a way that makes it possible to get any of them done. I think this is because I'm scatter-brained at the moment.

So my plan is to sit down, make a real schedule of things I need to do in order of most important to least, then get it done. Around that schedule. And to break things up in a way that will keep me from getting overwhelmed, I'm going to find things to do with my wife. Fun stuff around town.

And I'm going to brew. Because that's fun.

What are your focussed distractions? What do you use to keep yourself from getting stressed, and how do you make sure your schedule stays consistent and productive?

1 comment:

  1. I'm a post it notes kind of person so they help keep me on my toes. And I try to let myself enjoy the weekends a bit so that the stress of the work and writing week doesn't overwhelm me.