Monday, May 19, 2014

Out of Words?

I seem to be short on words for this blog. Most of my "quality" ideas are getting pushed to Beyond the Trope because that's a site where I want my best writing to appear. When I started this blog almost a decade ago, I genuinely thought it would spring-board me into the publishing world. Several high-profile bloggers got "discovered" through their weekly wit and engaging content.

Not so much over here. I keep up with it in any way I can to make sure I have a web-presence any time an agent or editor or random person interested in my thoughts happens to stumble by.

The truth, though? I honestly think that the best thing I can do with my life is to focus on my work, develop relationships in the real world, and keep putting as much content on Beyond the Trope as possible.

I'm so rarely home anymore, and when I am, I try to focus on my writing and my wife (prioritizing where I need to depending on the evening). Social networking doesn't work for me because every minute I spend trying to force myself into the conversations is another minutes I'm NOT developing and improving my craft. While my web-presence may help my chances of getting published some day in the future (if my writing is strong), I'm of the opinion that my writing needs to take much more effort.

When I have a writing contract, my web-presence will probably increase quite a bit. Until that day, this blog is going to take less and less of my time. And I'm going to write more and more books and short stories.

And, of course, Beyond the Trope will receive a good deal of attention, too. That's not going anywhere any time soon.

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