Monday, June 16, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Querying for this project is so different from the last projects I queried. As I've said before, I'm taking my time. I'm reviewing the market, and I'm keeping an eye on the responses I get. If a query letter gets form rejections too often in a row, I rewrite it. If a partial gets form rejections, I consider ways to improve it.

I'm going to classes, strengthening my craft, and going out of my way to make sure I do this right. Which isn't easy. I'm passionate about writing and reading. I want my books to get published, and for personal reasons, I want that to happen the traditional way.

I've gone through bouts of "desperation," where I'm obsessed with getting published NOW! That drove me crazy. I don't want to be lazy with my work, and I WANT this work to be my full-time gig. Despite how quickly I WANT this to happen, I refuse to take shortcuts.

So I took two months off from querying. To reexamine my work, my query, and my direction.

But more importantly than that, I'm also writing again. With excitement and purpose! I am energized, ready to move forward, and back in the saddle.

With everything that happened this weekend with Beyond the Trope, I'm actually surprised that I got so much work done on personal projects, too. With Denver Comic Con at a close, I'm excited for the future. I met people who inspired me. I interviewed people who work hard and encouraged me to step up my game. Opportunities may arise out of the weekend, but more importantly, I grew as a person.

What did you do this last weekend, and how are you moving forward with your career?

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