Thursday, December 03, 2015

Beginning Again?

I've been toying with the idea of starting up this blog again. It would have to be consistent, and it couldn't interfere with what I'm doing over at Beyond the Trope. The problem is, I'm not sure what I would talk about.

Eleven years ago, when I launched this blog, I wanted to write about experiences in my life that were leading up to my impending adulthood. I was about to turn 20, convinced I was only a few years out from my first writing contract, and completely clueless about how to be in a real relationship.

Eleven years later, I've finished three full novels (written, revised, edited, queried), completed another two full first drafts, and sketched out a few short stories that never really went anywhere. I joined a writing organization, a critique group, started a podcast, and most importantly of all, at the end of the month I'll have been married for eight years.

I'm in a place, now, where I'm trying to rediscover my passions. To get excited about them. I feel distracted, running into false starts, not sure how to focus my ideas.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not here to mope. Mostly journaling ideas. A lot of people can relate, and I can tell you that, even from where I'm sitting, there's hope. Something to look forward to. But for me, where do I start?

I'm finishing up a professional certificate program at a local community college tomorrow. When that's over, I'm pushing to finish the first draft of my current WiP by the end of the year. While that simmers, I'm going to write a few short stories and send them out to see if I can get published. My goal with those is to get ACTUAL publishing credits and maybe even join SFWA. Also, I'm going to design a pen-and-paper RPG system. It's something I've been tossing around in my head since I was sixteen. Figured I should stop putting it off and force myself to finish it. Or start it, really.

I'm also going to brew beer. Not a lot, but hopefully more than I have in a long time.

Maybe that's what this blog will be about. The personal endeavors I'm pursuing while I continue to develop my "brand" over at Beyond the Trope. The two won't be exclusive from each other because my "persona" is really just me. But over there, I'm going to focus more on writing type stuff. Here, when I blog, it'll be personal. Not necessarily deep, but hobby type stuff, things I'm interested in, and all the stuff I want to blog about but don't necessarily "fit" with Beyond the Trope's blog.

It's funny, that last paragraph was supposed to be the end of this post, but I'm so used to putting together an "about the author" paragraph at the end that I got ready to pull up my headshot and type out something entertaining in italics. And in the third person.

When I have time (rather than make time), I'll update with new posts, new information in the sidebar, and let you know what's going on. For now, I have to focus on school, editing podcasts, and my draft.